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Bermuda Explainer for SoM

Project type

Motion Graphics


Sept 2022


Concept, Storyboards, Illustration, Animation, Sound Design

This independent project was a true labor of love. While continuously honing my skills, I stumbled upon the remarkable Explainer Camp at School of Motion. In this immersive course, I undertook the entire journey of transforming a script into a polished explainer, from inception to the final render.
In other words, based on the script provided by SoM I made a budget, came up with a concept, wrote a treatment, created style frames, designed storyboards, made animatics in Premiere Pro, illustrated the assets in Adobe Illustrator, animated in After Effects, directed voice over, and worked on sound design in Adobe Audition, and finally, put it all together in Premiere. It was an immensely rewarding experience.
P.S: Bermuda is a made up company!

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